about frags

The collection is driven by the will of transferring spontaneous textures into sculptural wearables.

The research materializes the strength of natural forces and essential facts, capturing non figurative but formal phenomena, often intangible, unstable or unnoticed. The expression of an erupting geyser, the desert wind, the folds of an ancient rug, the designs of the crop fields, the spontaneity of a backstitch, or an instant in the waving of a fabric were sources of inspiration for creating highly emotional accessoires, that bridge the complexity within the natural and the fluency within the artificial.

The researched finishings on resin evoke natural materials: ice, snow, sand, anthracite and concrete, matching naturally among each other and together with the occasional outfit. Frags meet the balance between strong presence and sobriety, suggesting their ageless novelty character.
Each piece is hand finished individually, conferring a warm tactile smoothness and uniqueness.
The collection declines into aluminium and brass for most of the lines, and new materials such as silicon for Volant, giving start to the frgs line. The catalogue expands with special editions in precious metals.

the designers

Julian Pastorino & Cecilia Suarez are Argentine designers based in Milan, Italy. Their approach to fashion accessoires is rooted in a product, furniture and interior design background and influenced by diverse contemporary expressions.

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